Photography has always been Philipp Thonet’s greatest passion, and it runs through his life like a thread.


Born into a famous furniture manufacturing family in 1953, he was influenced by his childhood strolls through the factory halls and the constant confrontation with materials, products, design, and the people behind all of it: designers, architects, entrepreneurs, and craftsmen. At early age, he got his first camera and started to explore photography.


Upon completing his commercial training, Philipp moved to Texas and worked as a freelance photographer in the early 1980s. He then joined the family company and was responsible for product development and design as well as exports, most recently with a focus on the US and Canada, for many years.


In his current stage of life, he has returned to professionally pursuing photography. Philipp says: “Photography has fascinated me my entire life and still does today. For me, it is a means of designing, and my very personal means of expression, communication, and also documentation.”   


Claudia Neumann, Neumann Communication